Mat Classes

 NOTE:  Please see “Policies and Fees” page for the cost of the classes.

Class Descriptions

Pilates Mat:
This class teaches Joseph Pilates’ principles: core strength, spinal elongation, overall balance and control, awareness of breathing and flexibility. Modifications/variations are geared towards level of class – Beginner thru Advanced.

Pilates Plus:
An Intermediate level Pilates Mat class that incorporates small equipment and props for additional sculpting and fat-burning benefits.

Pilates for Boomers:
A Beg/Int Pilates Mat class that addresses “Baby Boomer” health issues. Special focus on balance, range of motion and back pain care. All ages are welcome!!

Pilates Barre:
A Pilates-based barre class designed by Balanced Body- the world’s premiere Pilates educator. A body changing workout that tones glutes, thighs, abs and upper body. This dynamic class blends Pilates principles with elements of ballet barre and low impact cardiovascular exercise. Some Pilates experience preferred.

BarSculpt® This is not your ordinary Barre workout.  BarSculpt is Pilates Evolved.  The unique combination of high-energy cardio, strengthening and stretching results in a long, lean flexible body.  If you’ve been enjoying our Pilates Barre classes, you will love BarSculpt.   Always a challenge!

Beginner Yoga:
Teaches Hatha Yoga principles which help release muscle tension, increase strength and how to follow your breath. Beginner class stresses yoga fundamentals.

Get On The Ball:  A Pilates-based class that is taught on the large physioball.   Fun and challenging!  This gives a whole new dimension to the Pilates Mat repertory. Core strength, cardio endurance, upper body strength, and balance are some of the many benefits of this class. 

Please refer to Policies and Fees page for cost of classes.

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